Political Action

The purpose of this page is to help our members identify their Congress representative and provide a portal to communicate the various letter carrier issues to them.

COLCPE contributions

               Contributions give us the power to negotiate for wage increases (COLA's) and benefits we enjoy today. If you wish to continue to fight for these these and other issues into the future, you may want to consider donating to COLCPE. It only takes one stroke of the pen in Congress to eliminate six-day delivery and cause other apocalyptic events to happen. You can join COLCPE online by contacting the Union Hall or coming to our monthly branch meetings.


Click here to upload an interactive Congressional District map. 

Once you've identified your Congressional District number, check below and click the link of the appropriate representatives website to send a message directly to their office.

(PA-3) Mike Kelly - Once onto his homepage, put cursor on "Contact Me" and the then click " Email me' from the dropdown window.

(PA-12) Keith Rothfus - Once you click onto his home page, wave your cursor over "Contact Keith" then click "Contact".

(PA-14) Mike Doyle - Once you click onto his page, wave your cursor over "Contact Me" then click "Email me".

(PA-18) Tim Murphy - Once you click onto his page, click "Email Congressman Murphy".

The 2 PA Sentators:

Senator Bob Casey

Senator Pat Toomey