Employment Verification

Employment Verification Phone Numbers: Sometimes when you are applying for a loan, mortgage or other personal financial venture, there is a requirement from the financial institution to verify your employment or income. To verify employment, give the verifier your social security number and the USPS employer code - 12946 - and send them to www.theworknumber.com or have them call 1-800-367-5690.


Income History

For income history, you'll need to generate a salary key to give to the verifier. You can get that from the above wesite link or by calling 1-800-996-7566. Login using the employee option. You'll need the USPS employer code - 12946 - and your employee ID number. When prompted for a PIN, enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. Have pen and paper ready because you will be given a 6-digit salary key that you will need to provide to the verifier in need of your salary history. Give them the salary key and direct them to the website or they can call 1-800-367-5690 toll-free number. 95% of businesses use this system of employee and salary verification, banks are very familiar with this process.