Frequently Asked Questions


How long is my probationary period

                       A Probationary period is defined as 90 WORKING days, or 120 CALENDAR days whichever one occurs first


  How do I do a Paper Bid for the Pittsburgh Installation


                  According to the National Agreement, full-time regular carriers have bidding rights. Some of the newly-converted CCAs in the Pgh Installation have been experiencing problems submitting bids through the website and phone bidding at 1-800-222-2415. 

                To avoid these problems, a PS Form 1717a needs to be printed, completed and faxed to Customer Service Support at 1(650) 578-3845 by close of business of the last day of posting.

                  Be sure to complete the form fully, and place your bid selections in priority order and mark the applicable Posting # on the submitted form. This number is at the top of the bid sheet cover.You should also ensure that you sign and date the bottom of the form.

                  Fax the bid sheet to Customer service, a copy to the union hall at (412) 321-4955, and keep a copy of your selections and the fax transmittal sheet as proof that you met the deadline. If you are not sure you met the deadline, check the front page on the Bid Sheet or contact the Branch 84 office immediately. 


What is the order for working on a "Holiday"


                  While looking at your office’s local agreement, note that Item 13 is titled “The Method of Selecting Employees to Work a Holiday.” This Item spells out the pecking order for who should be scheduled to work the designated holiday.