This is the website for NALC Branch 84.  Pittsburgh is the birthplace of Unionism (Homestead) and the movement is still alive and kicking here.  We believe that communication is the key to a successful Union and a local website for letter carriers is an excellent way to communicate, inform and hopefully inspire the next generation of activists. The national website at www.nalc.org is an excellent source of information concerning national issues.  The goal of this website however is to target the southwestern Pennsylvania letter carriers and inform them of our local issues.

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THE WESTERN PA POSTAL WORKERS SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE, who quarterbacked the activity, can chalk up another successful campaign, following on the heels of Committee activity to oppose reduced mail delivery to five days a week, and the unprecedented successful food collection at the annual NALC food drive.  Hat’s off to the Committee and the former Chairman, NALC Branch 84 President Mike Plaskon, who served as our leader until returning to duty recently.  Well done, Mike.



Branch 84 Election Results

President  *Ted Lee

Executive Vice President  Randy Ball (585) votes  George Reffert (281) votes

Vice President  *Patrick Rothwell

Secretary Treasurer  *Gary Bluestone

Asst. Secretary Treasurer   Marilyn Viggiano (651) votes Tommy Hein (221) votes

Health Benefits Rep.  *Alex Criego

MBA Rep.  *Carole Anne Connelly

Senior Trustee  *Dennis Kaminski

OWCP/Retirement Officer  *Joe Roman


                 *Ed Heide                 *Paul Mooney                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Allegheny County Labor Council;

                 *Darryl Ulyas           *Bob Muse

                 *Ron Blank               *Dave Bugay

                 *Dave Zavask

The Election committee counted the votes for the two contested offices on 11/18/2016. The vote tallies show the winner for each office as Ball & Viggiano.

*indicates elected by acclamation.



The Pittsburgh Social-Recreation Committee has a new website!  You can access that site by clicking here

Proud marchers in the 2016 Labor Day Parade!