This is the website for NALC Branch 84.  Pittsburgh is the birthplace of Unionism (Homestead) and the movement is still alive and kicking here.  We believe that communication is the key to a successful Union and a local website for letter carriers is an excellent way to communicate, inform and hopefully inspire the next generation of activists. The national website at www.nalc.org is an excellent source of information concerning national issues.  The goal of this website however is to target the southwestern Pennsylvania letter carriers and inform them of our local issues.

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Annual Picnic

Letter Carriers Annual picnic wil be held Sunday August 11 2019 at the Riverplex at Sandcastle Waterpark.

Semi-Annual Report

The following information is based on the Pay Period 1, 2019 dues reimbursement, the 4th quarter 2018 retiree due reimbursement and the life or 50+ year, members listed in our membership tracking system. Branch membership currently stands at 1,652 active carriers, of which 1,425 are full-time and the remaining 227 are CCAs. We had 666 dues-paying retirees and an additional 250 life, or SO-year, retired members. Total branch membership as of this reporting is 2,568. In the stations that we represent, there are 55 non­ members (46 full-time and 9 CCAs). This represents a 96.78% membership rate. Although we do not have numbers from July 2018 for accurate comparison, our membership has remained reasonably consistent. New hires have basically kept pace with those who have separated through retirements, resignations and removals, transfers out of craft or other losses. One note evident in these number is the excellent job our full-time officers are doing in getting new hires to join the union.




US Postal Service Federal Credit Union

US Postal Service Federal Credit Union is available for all your banking and financing needs. 

They are conveniently located within the GMF

You can reach them directly at:

US Postal Service Federal Credit Union

1001 California Ave

Pittsburgh, Pa 15290

1-800-877-7328 Ext 5002,5003,5010

at:  https://www.uspsfcu.org

Or by clicking here






The Pittsburgh Social-Recreation Committee has a new website!  You can access that site by clicking here